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You Can Afford A Vacation!


  • 1. Select the trip you want.
  • 2. Westside will confirm your price.
  • 3. You make easy AFFORDABLE payments over time, then...



The way to get the most out of our Layaway Payment Plan is to plan ahead. The more time you have from the start of your payments to your final payment date the less each payment will be. Plan today for the vacation you want to take 6-10 months from now.


The way it works is very simple. You will make payments over time to purchase your trip. Every vendor requires a deposit and we cover what you can expect those to be if you select a Cruise Vacation or a Land Vacation in separate sections below. But after you have made that payment you will use the next months to pay down what the final balance of your trip is. There might be some months that you want to pay more and some you might want to pay less or many people just make it an even payment each month and pay it, just like any monthly bill they have...but this one is going towards pure fun in the end!

We handle the mathematical formula, because every trip is unique and everyone has a personal way they want it handled. We receive and process each payment and send you a receipt so you know where you stand at all times. And we are available at all times to answer any and all questions you may have along the way.


This is important. THERE IS NO UPFRONT COST TO OUR PAYMENT PLAN! All we ask is that once you start the plan, you complete it to your final payment date. We do not add one dime to the cost of your trip. With every trip, part or all of your trip deposit is refundable to you, depending on which vendor you have selected for the trip, and what type of trip you are purchasing.

If you cannot complete your payments...and we do understand that situations can arise that require a cancellation of plans...we will retain $25pp of that refundable portion of your payments to cover our services rendered. We require that this $25pp portion of your deposit be paid by check or money order with your initial deposit.

Our mission is to make travel possible to as many people as possible, so our payment plan is not a money maker for us, it is a service we provide. Our services do have a value, however, and we feel that $25pp is a minimal amount to receive for servicing your payment plan.


It can happen that your price may go down after you start making payments. When that happens we will be able to lower your price...if your trip was a cruise...unless the price we found you in the first place was a non refundable price. Sometimes the prices we get are so low that the cruise lines have a non refundable rule attached to them...this is new but happening more with cruises. If your trip is a tour or package the vendors have varying rules that govern price decreases, but we will always seek to get you the lower price. What happens far more often though is the price on your trip goes UP, and when that happens you are protected from price increase...your price stays the same.


At least, we have not found anyone doing it the way we are...the others are charging fees or having you put your purchase on a low interest credit card...and that's just what you are trying to get away from, right...more debt. We have offered our plan to our customers for many years, way before we started our website and it has made travel possible for thousands who otherwise thought they could not afford a dream vacation.


Tour and companies that sell travel packages will want an initial deposit in the range of $150 - $225 per person. This would be your first payment and may or may not include a deposit on the air portion of your trip. You must satisfy the vendor's required 1st deposit before we may start the payment plan and all payments must be received by the vendor usually 45 days prior to the start of your trip. (Holiday travel has its' own schedule of payments, so be sure to ask us about those if you are planning a holiday trip.)

If airfare is included the price of your initial deposit may include the total airfare price. This happens when the air price is a published price. We try to quote you an air price that is one of our contracted prices which allows us to include the air price in our payment plan and it allows you to make a much smaller initial deposit. We will be happy to discuss all the alternatives and the benefits of each when we prepare your price quote.

One type of package that is very popular and that we do A LOT is the All Inclusive Layaway Vacation to destinations like Puerto Vallarta, Cancun, the Riviera Maya, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, and many more.


The initial deposit required for a cruise varies by the length of your cruise. The shorter cruises have lower deposit amounts, the longer cruises have higher deposit amounts. On average a 7 Night cruise, regardless of where the cruise is going will carry a full deposit of $250pp. If you are purchasing one of the many cruises on which we have negotiated prices the deposit may be as low as $50pp. Cruise vacations really work so well when they are paid for in the payment plan, because we have cruise prices so much further in advance than we do for land vacations. It is not unusual to have cruise prices over a year in advance of travel time.

Again, and especially important since we do have cruise prices come out so far in advance is for you to be assured as we did above that if prices go down from the cruise line, you will pay a lower price, too; but if prices go up you are protected with your price being in our payment plan!


It takes time to put a family or organizational trip together and having a payment plan to offer the group can really make it easier to assure full participation. Be sure to keep it in mind if you are the decision maker for such a trip! This is where we have been so very successful over the years!


Combine one of these EXTRA SAVINGS COUPONS with the great value offer you have in mind...but, coupons are not combinable. Give us the coupon code you find in the middle of the coupon when placing your reservation and we will note your reservation with the additional savings off your final payment balance...it's that simple! This is our Thank You gift for placing your order with us!

Save $50 With a Minimum Purchase of $750pp With Coupon Code SAVE50.

Save $100 With a Minimum Purchase of $1,500pp With Coupon Code SAVE100.

Save $250 With a Minimum Purchase of $3,500pp With Coupon Code SAVE250.

This is another of our ways of saying THANK YOU for purchasing your special trip with us.

We have a unique assortment of gifts that we will be sending you upon return from your trip. The gift we select will relate to your trip and the value of this wonderful keepsake will be appropriate for the purchase you made with us.

Coming soon you will see pictures of these items, along with full descriptions. We hope you will enjoy owning them as much we have enjoyed selecting them, especially for you.

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Layaway Customer Testimonials

We would like to share with you but one of the many letters of appreciation we have received over the years from layaway travel clients we have assisted:

"Hey Sharon,
Robert here we just got back from our trip to playa del carmen. We had the most wonderful time there. You are awesome at your job! I really liked the layaway plan, it helped us to go on a dream vacation. Thank-you sooo much."

- Robert & Carrie - 9/16/2011

"My husband and I would love to go to Hawaii for our 5 year wedding anniversary, and we just seem to never get a chance to go, and when I found your website that offered vacations with layaway plans, it gave us hope! Thanks and look forward to hearing back from you."

- Angelina Noble

"Hey Peter, I had an AWESOME time in Mexico! My trip was extremely relaxing and worry free. Thank you so much for finding me a great deal on such short notice. Once again thank you so much Peter. You're are absolutely the best! "

- Mona


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